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[Railway] Personality and skills required in the industry|Shota Akizuki


Working in the railway industry, which supports important transportation infrastructure, is highly rewarding and contributes to society.

What kind of human resources are needed in the railway industry?


In this article, we will introduce the characteristics and skills required in the railway industry.


someone who can follow the rules


``Following the rules'' is the most important thing to do in the railway industry.

Trains and Shinkansen trains always have operating schedules, and they are generally punctual, except for unavoidable reasons such as accidents. There are other regulations and rules, but by following them as a matter of course, we prevent major accidents that should never occur.


Being able to continue to do things that are obvious and strictly follow the rules is a particularly necessary skill when working in the railway industry.


A person with a strong will and sense of responsibility for safety


The mission of railways is to take care of the lives of customers and transport them safely to their destinations. You are required to have a strong will for safety, keeping in mind that even the slightest letdown can be fatal.




People with high communication skills and polite behavior


Railway companies prefer people with high communication skills. In order to avoid disruptions to the schedule, you need not only your own ability, but also a sense of balance to coordinate and coordinate well with related departments such as the driver and conductor.




These two skills can be said to be based on the "hospitality mindset" that is common in the service industry, rather than "on the railway"!






At Osaka Railway and Tourism College, you can rest assured that our instructors from the industry will fully support you in the three areas of ``personal growth,'' ``technical growth,'' and ``intellectual growth.''




Person who wrote this article

秋月 翔太(あきづき しょうた)

Full-time railway lecturer / Nankai Electric Railway graduate / Assistant

After graduating from Konan University, joined Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. → Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (station staff for XNUMX years, conductor for XNUMX years, driver for XNUMX years, assistant officer for XNUMX years) → Izumigaoka Tourism Development Co., Ltd. before joining our school.

At our school, we are in charge of railway companies, operating regulations, career guidance II (interviews), station transportation, passenger operations, and physical training. Through classes, we will deliver ``everything I have experienced as a railway worker.''

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