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Railway Department


Employment rate

100 %

Railway industry
Employment rate

96.6 %
*March 2020 Osaka school graduates
An overwhelming track record of employment that speaks to the trust of the industry.
Many graduates such as drivers and conductors
It is active in the railway industry nationwide.

JR Group

279 First name

Kansai private railway

172 First name
See employment record
  • Hokkaido passenger railway8
  • East Japan Railway48
  • Tokyo Metro63
  • Tokyu Corporation27
  • Odakyu Electric Railway17
  • Keikyu Corporation37
  • Keisei Electric Railway16
  • Keio Electric Railway6
  • Seibu Railway18
  • Tokai passenger railway40
  • Nagoya Railway11
  • Nagoya seaside high-speed train3
  • Kurobe gorge railway1
  • Sanki Railway2
  • Tobu station service33
  • JR Tokai Passengers
    (Tokaido Shinkansen parser)
  • West Japan Railway Company58
  • Hankyu Corporation25
  • Kinki Nippon Railway16
  • Omi Railway11
  • Sanyo Electric Railway34
  • Keihan Electric Railway17
  • Osaka Metro12
  • Nankai Electric Railway6
  • Kita Osaka Express Electric Railway7
  • Hankai Electric Orbit9
  • Avant (Nankai Electric Railway Parser)12
  • Osaka monorail service11
  • Kobe Electric Railway4
  • Hiroshima Electric Railway10
  • Shikoku Passenger Railway8
  • Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway9
  • Chikuho Electric Railway1
  • Japan Freight Railway13

*Results of graduates from March 2007 to March 3 (East and West combined)

Very popular as a place of employment!

work in the railway industry

Railway work that supports safe and comfortable railway services

  • Driver
  • conductor
  • Station staff
  • Purser
  • Vehicle maintenance
A day in the life of a Shinkansen driver
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Absolute railway principle!
I'm a pro here.

Five Strengths of the Railway Department


The road to professional "genuine"
XNUMX features that come true

Graduates are active as professionals in the railway industry all over the country!
The reason why we can achieve a high industry employment rate by far
here it is.

Curriculum Vitae

Comprehensively learn the knowledge necessary for the railway industry
Curriculum that can provide options for the future

The greatest commitment of Osaka Railway and Tourism College is the curriculum with originality that other schools do not have.
There are more than 200 companies in the railway industry nationwide, including related companies, and you can find a job that suits you.


Station service transportation

At stations where many customers use, in addition to work such as ticket gates and counters, there is also a job called driving work.Learn their roles and basic duties.

communication training

The work of the railway is a customer service industry that comes in contact with customers.You will learn the vocalizations and expressions necessary for customer service, and hone your "ability to communicate" and "service skills" to customers.



Driver practice

Learn the duties of a driver and acquire the ability to respond and judge various events such as accidents, breakdowns, and weather.

driving regulations

Learn about various railroad laws.By learning the rules through classes, you will learn the basis for your own actions and their importance.



Railway car

The trainees will be able to visit the maintenance sites of rolling stock and equipment, as well as facilities in charge of operations, and learn the concept of railway safety and security, which will lead to an increase in awareness after employment.

Directive practice

Through command work, you will learn what safety is and what you must do to achieve it.You will also learn the importance of safety from past railway accidents.



crew service

Acquire basic interpersonal skills and customer service skills so that you can respond to various situations that may occur while dealing with customers.

Conductor practice

Learn the work of a conductor and acquire the ability to respond and judge various events such as accidents, breakdowns, and weather.



railway companies

We conduct research from various aspects such as business outlines, management conditions, materials along railway lines, etc. from railway companies all over Japan, and aim to utilize it not only for job hunting but also for work after employment.

Business plan

Students will learn about railroad development along railway lines and the creation of facilities aimed at improving user convenience.We will learn how to think and act to keep the customer's point of view.

Training Room

Just like the real thing!Acquire practical skills suitable for the site in the training room where trains and stations are reproduced.

Real practice room!

driving seat

It is the same as the vehicle of Kinki Nippon Railway that was actually in operation.We will deepen our understanding through role-play classes using simulators, such as how to see the cab plan and how to read railroad signs.


Seats used in Kinki Nippon Railway and Keihan Electric Railway trains are installed in the car.There are also horizontal seats.


The straps and racks are also from the actual vehicle.

Destination indicator

There is also a device that displays the destination of the train, and you can change it by turning it.

Ticket gate & window

An automatic ticket gate of Keihan Electric Railway is installed, and the ticket gate and window are reproduced.You will learn about operations such as ticket issuing and ticket gates through hands-on experience.

Ticketing machine

Automatic ticket vending machines used at Keihan Electric Railway stations are installed. There is also a practical training to respond to customers who press the "call button".

Learn more about the lab

Driving simulator

Driving simulator

Equipment used by railway companies and
Learn with an equivalent simulator!

It is a simulator with specifications that allow you to experience a full-fledged driving experience such as weather changes and irregular occurrences.Through a simulated experience, you will deepen your understanding of how to read the gauges in the cab and how to read track signs.

Station staff and conductor

Station staff and conductor

Students will learn the basics of station staff work (ticket issuing/examining) and conductor work (announcement announcements/opening/closing doors) in a practical training room that realistically reproduces station premises and train cars.

Passenger Operations

Passenger Operations

This class is designed to help trainees learn the actual work to be done at a station or on a train so that they can put it into practice right after they start working.


collaborated with the railway industry
Various curricula

Experience many railway companies and learn about the rewarding and interesting aspects of working with railways!

Corporate training

(Industry simulation program)
Talk to each person and
The best corporate internship destination is decided for each!

Working in the field such as the railway industry will greatly improve your "communication skills".
We will look back on how to approach work and manners, etc. that we learned at the internship, cultivate interpersonal skills and responsiveness in society, and grow into future railway workers!

I'm glad I did corporate training
What do you think?

When an irregularity occurred, I was impatient at first, but now I am able to deal with it calmly.I want to make use of this experience to support our customers every day.

Training destination: Hankyu Corporation Job Description: Home part
Leah Taniguchi
From Hokusetsu Tsubasa High School (Osaka Prefecture)

It is a place where you can put into practice the customer service skills you learned at school.I am very happy when I am able to respond as expected and receive a "thank you" from the customer.

Training destination: Kinki Nippon Railway Job Description: Station Information Staff
Yukio Hosoo
Born in Nagaoya High School (Osaka Prefecture)

It is now possible to serve small children.I have also become conscious of my language, choosing words that are easy to understand.

Training destination: Kyoto Railway Museum Job Description: Customer service
Yousuke Ueda
Graduated from Keishin High School (Fukui Prefecture)
An example of an internship
  • ・Kyoto Railway Museum
  • ・JR Tokai Passengers
  • ・Hirakata Park
  • ・U.S.J LLC
  • ・Hankyu Railway
  • ・Kinki Nippon Railway
  • ・JR West Japan Mentech
  • ・Shima Spain Village Parque Espana
  • な ど

with the railway company
Collaboration class

station skill contest

A program for demonstrating station operations learned in corporate training and practical classes. A skill contest where students present what they have learned so far, such as "the ability to think and act independently," "understanding of teamwork," and "safety and service."The judging committee consists of people involved in the railway industry, and they strictly check the expressive power and customer service skills.

I want you to feel closer to the railway!
Railroad festival

Students set up an event booth at the "Railway Festival" held once a year by a major railroad company.We are planning and implementing projects to make railways more familiar to everyone from children to adults.

You can have a rare train experience!
Study trip

For the first time
For driver experience
Osaka Railway/
tourism graduate
will guide you
look up to
"Seven Stars"
Observation from outside
certificate of completion
unique to the region
Tourist train!
"Hayato no Kaze"
Beauty and...
Have fun with everyone
Lunch time♪
Blue train
stay in hotel
*Destinations and contents are subject to change.

Railway business workplace tour

Railway safety experience training
Our school is an educational institution nationwide
Implemented for the first time!
JR East General Training Center
Other companies
Nankai Electric Railway Chiyoda factory tour
Visit JR Shikoku and Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway
Tsuyama Manabino Railway Museum
JR East General Training Center

This is a training center where you can receive the same training as railway employees at the place where railway company employees receive education.Ensuring safe and stable transportation is the starting point of the iron industry.The purpose of this internship is to solidify the "determination and readiness to be involved in the railway industry."

Training menu
  • ❶ Characteristics of railways and learning about safety
  • ❷ Learning the importance of correct reporting and confirmation
  • ❸ Learn about railway equipment
  • ❹ Learning from past accidents
  • ❺ Learning to “stop” trains
Other companies
Nankai Electric Railway Chiyoda factory tour
Visit JR Shikoku and Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway
Tsuyama Manabino Railway Museum
Only at our school can you learn from a real professional!
Guidance based on experience backs up the realization of dreams.
put safety first
Developing railroad workers!
Class in charge Station attendant/conductor work, railway industry measures, railway company research, railway overview, etc.
Kunio Satoguchi

Railway is a job that we are proud to carry our customers' dreams and lives.At the same time, we have a responsibility to protect the lives of our customers, and it is our responsibility to provide safe and comfortable services.The work of railways, which is indispensable to people's lives and livelihoods, also contributes to society.Let's aim to be a first-class railwayman together!

railway workers
A great job to be proud of!
Work hard and make your dreams come true!
Class in charge Railway company, station transportation, station staff practice, railway overview
Shota Akizuki

Originally from Nankai Electric Railway.He has built up his career as a station attendant, conductor, driver, and deputy chief, from the field to the manager, and has experience in raising apprentices to full-fledged status as a training instructor and winning the No Accident Award.

Through classes, I try to provide classes that students can understand from the essence and understand through knowledge and experiences so that they can develop the mental attitude to work as a railway worker.

Various railway business experience
A wide range of learning that makes use of
Class in charge Directive practice
Suguru Kunitake

After working as a station attendant, conductor, and driver at Tokyu Corporation, he was in charge of vehicle maintenance, inspection, and operation planning at East Japan Railway Company and JR Chiba Railway Service Co., Ltd. have a career

Not only about safety, but also think about what kind of dangers are hidden by looking at illustrations of various situations.

Imagine yourself in the future
keep trying
I want to be a railroad worker.
Class in charge driving regulations
Yasuhiro Hoshi

Joined Tobu Station Service and worked as a station attendant.After that, he transferred to Tobu Railway and worked as a conductor, driver, chief, and driving command.He has a career with a wide range of experience in railway operations, from the sales department to the operation department.

You will be able to fully understand "why is this knowledge necessary?"

To become an industry professional,
Learn from industry professionals!
Class in charge Industry english
Kazuya Ozawa

Learned "English that can be used in the field" that can respond to customers from overseas.Talk a lot and have fun learning.

A school where dreams come true
That is Osaka Railway/Sightseeing.
Let's make that dream come true together!
Class in charge route geography
Masafumi Yamada

Learn about the nearest stations to famous sightseeing spots and how to get there by train, and acquire the knowledge to guide customers.

Ask Mr. Satoguchi, a former driver

What are your concerns about riding the train?
I'm curious about the driver's behavior and the equipment on the cab.

I'm curious about the driver's seat, but I only glance at it so as not to put strange pressure on the driver.When you get on the train, please check what is done for "safety".

What is your most memorable experience as a driver?
I remember how I dealt with problems when they arose.

I was impressed by the scene of an irregular situation, such as when I saw a person left behind at a railroad crossing and sent out a protective radio to prevent an accident.When driving, I always try to put safety first.

What is your favorite train line?
This is the Chikuho Main Line in Fukuoka, where I was born.

The Chikuho Main Line was used to transport coal in the past, and when you board the train, you can reminisce about the past from the spacious station premises and the remains of the branch line.The ekiben "Kashiwameshi" at Orio Station is also excellent!Some sections are operated by electric storage battery trains (commonly known as electric trains).

What kind of classes do you have in mind?
Based on my experience at a railway company, I will guide you so that you can become an immediate force.

Based on my experience, I teach not only railway knowledge but also etiquette and mental attitude unique to the industry in an easy-to-understand manner so that they can be immediately ready to work after employment.Let's do our best together at TORAJAL, aiming to be a respectable railroad worker!

Career Support
Thorough support realizes a high employment rate in the industry!

Employment preparation program

Rail interview measures
Group discussion
Face the interview with confidence

You will learn manners during interviews, how to answer and answer questions, and how to speak in a way that leaves a good impression.You will also improve your communication skills so that you can speak in your own words, not the words you have prepared.

Written exam preparation
This is perfect for the written test of the railway company!

You will learn general common sense, current affairs issues, SPI, etc., which are often asked in the Kraepelin test and employment examination conducted at the time of selection by many railway companies.

Railway industry measures
Knowing the “now” of the railway industry and making use of it for job hunting

As a countermeasure for railway company entry sheets, you will learn points for creating documents so that you can write a memorable self-PR and motivation for applying.

Personal interview
Three-legged with the teacher!detailed guidance

The teacher in charge conducts frequent individual interviews and provides support until satisfactory results are obtained.If you have any hesitations or stumbling blocks in job hunting, one-on-one guidance will be given until the problem is resolved.

Writing expressiveness measures
effective in job hunting
Learn how to write a self-promotion

As a countermeasure for railway company entry sheets, you will learn points for creating documents so that you can write a memorable self-PR and motivation for applying.

business manner
Useful after work
acquire business manners

In addition to basic knowledge and manners as a member of society, we will cultivate the ability to respond appropriately to the requests of customers of various nationalities and ages.

Various railway companies visit the school
Implement the program!

Various companies in the railway industry visit Osaka Railway and Tourism, and there are many opportunities to hear stories and receive advice.
Knowing about various companies will broaden your horizons and help you choose the company that suits you best.
  • stories of various companies
    Help with choosing a company!
  • From HR personnel and alumni,
    Get direct advice!
  • Recruitment test on campus
    Some companies do!
Employment seminar
graduates working in the railroad industry
Lecture by HR person
Railway industry people・
Special classes by graduates
Hear directly from the industry
precious opportunity
In-school company information session
A company personnel manager visited the school,
Teach tips for job offers!
[Example of visiting companies]
  • Tokai passenger railway
  • Hankyu Corporation
  • Kinki Nippon Railway
  • JR West Transportation Service
  • Shikoku Passenger Railway
  • Keihan Electric Railway
  • Omi Railway
Utilizing the pipes with group schools,
You can also participate in company briefings in Kanto.
Job hunting schedule
Preschool education
Make a difference before entering school!
Pre-enrollment education program
Start learning early
Get more knowledge.

Our unique educational program can be taken online for free.Not only can you learn industry knowledge quickly, but you can also open up to your classmates through assignments, so you can rest assured even after entering the school.

[Program example]
  • Corporate training measures
  • SPI learning course
  • Railway industry situation

な ど

1st year
  • Personal interview by a teacher in charge of employment guidance
  • Employment seminar (October, February)
  • Special classes by industry professionals and graduates
  • Writing expressiveness measures
  • Railway industry measures
  • Rail interview measures
  • Written exam preparation
  • School company information session (October, February)
2st year
  • Personal interview by a teacher in charge of employment guidance
  • Career counseling
  • business manner
  • Writing expressiveness measures
  • Railway industry measures
  • Rail interview measures

Employment rate

100 %

Railway industry
Employment rate

96.6 %
*March 2020 Osaka school graduates
Growth Story
Become a railway professional in two years!
Introducing seniors who have stepped up.

Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. In the case of Kouya Tamai

Event Calendar
Only at our school can you learn from a real professional!
Guidance based on experience backs up the realization of dreams.
  • : 1st year only
  • : 2st year only
  • : Common to all grades
  • Entrance ceremony
  • Entrance orientation
  • Opening ceremony
  • Corporate training
  • sports festival
  • Railway tour
  • Career counseling
  • Corporate training
  • Intensive course
  • fall vacation
  • Employment Seminar I
  • School festival
  • Special classes by industry professionals and graduates
  • Study trip
  • Fieldwork
  • Winter vacation
  • Employment Seminar II
  • Graduation ceremony
Open Campus

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Experience program
Let's know the boarding route☆

A day's work of a train crew
Introducing the schedule!!

A day's work of a train crew
Introducing the schedule!!

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