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5 features

  1. 1An educational environment where you can study with Japanese students
    In addition to classes, events such as sports festivals, school festivals, and training trips are also held with Japanese students.
    This will deepen exchanges with Japanese people and naturally improve your Japanese ability.
  2. 2Support for employment or further study in Japan
    To date, many international students have found employment at Japanese companies or have gone on to university.The system to support these “courses” is also perfect.In addition, you can receive employment support not only during your studies but also after you graduate.
  3. 3Peace of mind support in daily life
    Living in Japan can cause problems and worries due to differences in language, culture, and lifestyle.You may also need to go through procedures such as visas and part-time job qualifications.In such a case, you can rest assured that our experienced "international student staff" will support you.
  4. 4You can acquire a professional qualification
    Those who have completed the course at a vocational school and have completed the course for two years or more will be granted the title of specialist.With this specialist, it is possible to transfer to the third year of university.
  5. 5Recognized as an appropriate school by the Immigration Bureau
    Appropriate schools are only those educational institutions that properly manage the enrollment of international students.Our school is a school with a good attendance rate and guidance and management for dropouts.
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